Enter a compelling new world with monsters, challenges & adventures

Once upon a time in an ancient and distant land, an emperor had four children. From the separation of the empire, four realms would be devised to each one. Despite this, an old threat must be erased from the heart of the empire by the means of a party of legendary heroes.

You are Phi, a powerful wizard that aids the emperor in a myriad of matters. You know that the intrigues and strife among the cohorts may be appeased with the light of the Chalice of Aurora. Its location is unknown though, even for the master of the wizards. Thus you must travel through the lands of Rythenia in the important quest to recover it.

Three other valuable heroes have joined forces with Phi, the wizard:

Rick, a paladin from the snowy mountains of Lied. A legendary warrior, that lost his beloved sister in a horse accident. He seeks to avoid his own realm, where his own father defames him, although keeps dreaming about reuniting his family and clan.

Dave, the legendary bard from Nethlaand. Tortured by love, hides himself behind his own songs and artworks, tries to accompany real-life stories, while mixing its details with epic stories.

Lisa, a high priestess from the Desert of Acraba. Talented and beautiful, she is treated as an outsider by her jealous colleagues, thus she tries to be nicer to the others rather than being gentler to herself.

The trails and roads which our heroes will journey through are dangerous, and no one can tell what destiny awaits for each step they take. Seek the tender balance the worlds pleas for. Let us begin this tale of glory and wonder.

Rythenia is a 2D top-down vintage Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game. Mixing some modern technologies with vintage visuals, the game is an independent side project of its creator. It is envisioned as a tribute to the classic games that touched the childhood of an entire generation, a dialogue among past, present and future.


Demonstration Videos


Some Features

~ Truly Vintage ~


Mixing NES and MSX rough aesthetics in original yet more accurate pixel graphics


~ Role-Playing Gamer Familiar ~


Some of the ABC's of classic electronic Role-Playing Games

EXP & Leveling systems, Inventory & Quests... to name a few

~ Skirmisher Friendly ~


Realtime battles in an fast paced arena combat style


~ Thou shall see them coming ~


No random encounters either in the overworld or in the dungeons


~ Strategy matters ~


Possibilities of stealth strategies to avoid battles in certain situations